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If you've always wondered about how jewelry is made and fine craft is done, this is the blog for you! Our intent is to show you the step-by-step of creating jewelry from a silver-smith's and lampworker's point of view. We'll throw in some other interesting craft-work too. Consider this a "tutorial-light" blog in a way. You'll get to see the creative process from start to finish. Sometimes it may take a while to get to the finish, so please be patient! We often have to wait for the muse to strike--sometimes in the middle of a different project!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Student - Her Finished Ring

Its pretty great when a student makes a piece of jewelry that you'd like to keep for yourself!

Here is Stephanie finishing up her ring...she is setting the stone.  My compliments to her for doing such an awesome job! 

She choose a beautiful turquoise stone that was hand-cut by one of the silver instructors from William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.  If you have the desire to learn and you can get to Georgia, this is a wonderful school...I like to call it Art Camp for Adults!  It is non-profit and the instructors volunteer their time so it is so affordable!  http://www.lapidaryschool.org/

Her ring turned out beautifully!  Don't you think so?  And it fits--that's always a bonus!

If her friends don't believe she made it, you can see why!

I guess I should start worrying about the competition she will give me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teaching For the First Time

I got a wonderful opportunity to introduce a friend to the fascinating world of Silversmithing!  It all came about through my husband.  He is a Professor at a nearby University and he was showing some of his Graduate Students my website. 
Working Out Details
One student in particular was very intrigued and really wanted to learn how to make Sterling silver jewelry like I do.  I wasn't so sure if I wanted to teach or not at first, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.  I decided she could be a 'guinea pig' for me. 
Learning to Manipulate Wire
I could practice teaching basic skills and in doing so could learn what teaching techniques work and what doesn't.  And to see if teaching suits me.  So, she came for her first lesson this past weekend--it actually turned out to be a long lesson--6 hours.  Long, but very satisfying and the time went by so fast! 
Ring Ready for Polishing and Stone Setting
She got a lot done and we had lots of fun too.  Well, I had fun...and I think (hope) she did too!  She picked out a beautiful turquoise stone and made a ring.  As you see in the picture above, it is ready to be polished up.  It is going to be just beautiful when it is sparkling and shiny!  So stay tuned for the final product.  Wish her luck on learning to set the stone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All Work and No Clay? A visit with Christi Friesen

How lucky am I that my sister Christi got to visit me last week?  Yea!

Since she lives on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast, we don't get to see each other very often.   Maybe that is the secret to why we get along...

For the few of you who might not know who she is, check her out at: www.cforiginals.net

But, the other week she was in Laurel, MD which is about 1 1/2 hours from me so we planned a long overdue get-together.  She was able to work her schedule to fit in a few days of "leisure" with me before she had to head out to Chicago.  Amazingly, the weather cooperated and didn't interfere with any travel or plane flights.

Look at all the "leisure" fun we are having...

hmmmm....this looks like a lot of fun.... (sarcasm detected?)

Loads and loads of fun!

Yea, we had fun...even while working!

I was able to distract her from work a few times...

We went shopping!  If you have ever owned a pair of Dansko shoes, you know how awesome they are!  We have the outlet/headquarters here where they make them, so everything is about 50% off.  A good pair of shoes and a bargain!  Throw in some chocolate and we are in heaven!

We Skyped our Dad and sister Lyndi in Arkansas (check out Lyndi's foodie blog:  www.nwafoodie.blogspot.com)

It was fun to chat with them...it's been a long time!

We spent the last day together in Baltimore at the Fine Art and Craft Show.  It was lots of fun and lots of walking.  Christi doesn't look tired at all, but I am all glassy-eyed and ready to flop!  We finally got to eat dinner after looking at every single booth.  My husband, Mike, looked at all the booths by the time Christi and I had finished 2 rows.  Then we made him slow down and re-look at every thing!

Mike and Christi seem to be less than charmed...was it something I said?  Perhaps it was because I forgot to bring my wallet to pay for the meal...

....who knows.

We had a super great time hanging out together...(well I did anyway...she might have a different story to tell!) 

Aren't I lucky!  Try not to be too jealous that she is my sister :)