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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pulling My Family Into the 'Fun Side of Life'

Cutting Slabs
After years of doing different arts and craft projects, none of my family members have really found what they have liked doing enough to join me on the 'Fun Side of Life.'  Of course, as all artists know, that is the side of life where, once you are in it, you completely forget there are necessities to do--like taking care of food and shelter...(not that I don't eat...there is a lot of that going on, unfortunately).

Grinding Away
I have been trying to find something that my Dear Husband (DH) would enjoy doing.  Most of the things I do require too much detail work for him.  He appreciates the outcome, but wouldn't want to do it himself.  BUT...I have finally found just the right thing...Rock Cabbing!

Polishing Up
I found a great little machine on ebay (good shape and good price) and then I had to search for a good trim saw.  I happened to be at "gemarama" this fall and there was a great vendor who had lots of different lapidary items to choose from.

So, I got a great little saw and then just needed some time to get DH to sit down and try it out.  For some reason I am intimidated with the saw.  I am a happy camper using my torch and other machines, but something about that little blade spinning around so fast makes me quake.  I value my fingers too much I guess.

He is used to woodworking and this is very similar.  Just a lot harder to cut than wood.

While at the show, I picked up some rock slabs so he can practice.  It took him about 3 stones to get into the groove.

Well there have been a hitch or two...a couple of the stones kept popping off of the dop stick for a while, but he conquered that.  Sometimes a stone has a fissure in it that will split when you are grinding it. But, no worries, you just re-grind it to the new size!

Now the challenge will be to keep up with him and make jewelry fast enough!  I am going to make a bracelet out of the first stones he cut - Lapis.  It will be a nice thing to keep to remember our beginnings.

So, if you are trying to figure out what to immerse yourself it, keep looking and you will find it!

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  1. I love this post! It had a great story and photos. Mike looks like he is really enjoying himself!!!!