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Monday, March 29, 2010

Part 2 - Pewter Repousse' Jewelry Box

Ok, so I've been moving right along with my design.  Here is how it looks so far...I'm about half way done at this point.

I continue with the same process of pushing out metal (being careful not to push too hard and making a hole!), flattening out other areas.

Here you see an example of where I still have to push out some dots.  I have a special "cup and ball" tool I use for this.  You can purchase them in different sizes.  You use the ball end on the back of the metal to push out the dot.  Then flip the metal over and place it on a smooth hard surface (my corian countertop works just great) and use the cup side of the tool to push the metal down around the dot.  This accentuates the dot.  I have arrows showing where the dots are still to be done.

I will continue to work on the rest of the dots and hopefully not miss any!  I if miss any, you will be able to see it from the front of the metal...not good.  I've got to carefully look over the piece before I decide I am all done!

Look for the next blog which shows the finished product!  I will be putting it up on my Website for sale soon.

1 comment:

  1. Looks fantastic!! Look forward to see the finished product..

    I spent some time in Tas 2 years ago and did not find any pewter stuff so glad to see someone "bashing out metal" so to speak!!

    Hubby & I thinking of moving to Tas from Cape Town, South Africa sometime to be close to family in Melbourne.

    I do quite a bit of pewter stuff to keep myself occupied & put a few potatoes on the table so to speak!!

    I would be very interested to chat to you & find out more about what you do, where you live & where you get your pewter supplies from.

    I use a Spanish made lead-free quite hard pewter sheet that MIMMIC in Gauteng (Johannesburg)imports. MAybe you know of a different supplier - if we could share ideas, I would appreciate it.

    We thinking of relocating to Launceston & setting up something crafty & cookie. I into cooking, various crafts, horses & dogs. Hubby a journalist & wants to start writing his own novels, short stories etc.

    Who knows what will happen, but it was nice to see your post!!!
    we have to sort out hub's ma before we can move)

    I have loads of creative ideas & am happy to share if you interested.

    Best wishes