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If you've always wondered about how jewelry is made and fine craft is done, this is the blog for you! Our intent is to show you the step-by-step of creating jewelry from a silver-smith's and lampworker's point of view. We'll throw in some other interesting craft-work too. Consider this a "tutorial-light" blog in a way. You'll get to see the creative process from start to finish. Sometimes it may take a while to get to the finish, so please be patient! We often have to wait for the muse to strike--sometimes in the middle of a different project!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urban Edge - Sterling ring

Sometimes things are created by accident--I was working on a project that didn't cooperate with me. So I decided to morph it into something else. This is the something else that emerged! It is totally and 100% opposite of what I was originally intending, but totally cool in it's own right.

Its a lesson we can apply in our own lives--things don't always go as planned, but they can be good, unique and positive just the same!

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