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If you've always wondered about how jewelry is made and fine craft is done, this is the blog for you! Our intent is to show you the step-by-step of creating jewelry from a silver-smith's and lampworker's point of view. We'll throw in some other interesting craft-work too. Consider this a "tutorial-light" blog in a way. You'll get to see the creative process from start to finish. Sometimes it may take a while to get to the finish, so please be patient! We often have to wait for the muse to strike--sometimes in the middle of a different project!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Part 3 - Pewter Repousse' Jewelry Box

I have just a few more dots to finish and a couple of other small details...

On some designs I like to accentuate the work by making a design in the negative background space.  I usually always do this with my Celtic design-work.  On this piece it is very busy and it really doesn't need that.

I need to fill in the hollow areas on the back so that the finished piece doesn't get smushed (yes, that is the technical word...).  I use a very thin paste (again from Mercart).  There are probably other things you can use, but this is just what I have used in my work.  I like the product and it works well.  Although they have a new liquid product that looks promising.

So, turn the project over and fill in all the pushed out areas with the filler paste even with the flat metal.  Let it dry.  You don't want any blobs sticking up or it will make it uneven when you attach it to the box.

I like to use a patina on my projects to accentuate the intricate detail.  I use a tin-patina since this Pewter is tin coated to protect against the lead.  This is simply brushed on to the desired depth of blackening and then rubbed off so that is only left in the creases.  Then give it a final rubbing with paste polish.

I attached it to the jewelry box and it is all done!  I think it has turned out just wonderfully!  The box itself is a great wooden box, velvet lined with the added feature of being a music box as well!  It plays "If I could teach the world to sing"

This box has been sold and is on it's way to England! 

If you have any questions, just let me know!


  1. Just gorgeous! Lovely patten and I'm a sucker for repousse. I'm so glad to see more people are learning the technique.

  2. Where do you get your patterns for the pewter work from ?

  3. Kimberli,

    I believe the birds in the photos above are actually from the metal embossing book by MercArt...its a great book.